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Our affordable websites are created to ensure they are customer friendly

creating a customer friendly affordable website


Developing a website can be a little daunting - and it can be even more daunting trying to put yourself firmly in the shoes of those you wish to visit and use your site.

It’s often the one thing people developing a website forget to do - it's one of the most important rather than thinking about what you would like!.

Keeping your website visitor or customer friendly is one of the best ways of developing customer loyalty. And customer loyalty is one of the most important challenges facing business today with fierce competition.

So, when you develop (or indeed redevelop) your site, just about the biggest mistake you can make is thinking only about your organisation and your business needs and not the customer and their needs.

For example, customers usually just want the product, service or information - they often don’t care how your organisation is structured. And they don’t want to have to search too far to find the product!

There are several keys to creating a customer friendly website:

first, listen to your customers and learn from what they say.

add value. If you are a florist, this added value may be the convenience of ordering on line, being able to see examples of what you might be sending and offering a birthday reminder list.

enable two way dialogue. This may be as simple as making sure your site has all contact details.

ensure the technology used to build your site doesn’t take too long to load.

show your organisation’s brand values and personality clearly.

keep the site updated and refreshed. How many times have you been to a site recently and it still says ‘happy new year’ or, worse still, ‘Merry Christmas’ !

have enough links to lead the customer through your site easily.

make transactions easy, reliable and secure, leaving no room for mistakes and confusion.

Not only will these things help create a friendly site but they will also help develop customer loyalty. Of course, you also have to deliver what you promise and fulfil the expectations your site has created - only you can do that!

If you would like assistance in developing a customer focused website or a review of your current website, we can help you so give us a call. If you'd rather send us an email for more information you could complete our enquiry form and we'll contact you.



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