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why updating my website is important

We're sure you've heard the mantra "content is king" in relation to websites.

What this really means is, "websites which consistently add fresh, relevant content are king". In the context of today's fast-paced, instantly informative Internet, if you don't keep your website content up to date you will be left in the dust.

Search engine love content and information. if you don't have any, and its not kept fresh and up to date it's pretty hard to get a good ranking.

In a nutshell, you need to be able to edit your content yourself and keep it fresh because:

Keeping your audience interested is critical
Updating your website regularly keeps your audience interested and entertained, while also giving the impression you are an industry expert.

Reach more people helps your business
The more you update your website, the more content it will have and the more likely people will find you when they are looking for information.

Search engines love fresh content
Search engines know how often you update your website. The more you update your website, the more they will rank its web pages and the more people will find you on search engines.

Your website will be visited more often by your customers
An important part of updating your website is to keep your customers informed. Whether it is news, a sale, an event, a change in policy, etc., all of this is valuable information that your customers want and can use. The more you update your website the more you will connect with your customers. It will also help attract potential customers.

You need to look current
Updating your website frequently will make it, and your business, look lively. Customers like doing business with lively companies. If your website is not current, it looks like your business is outdated, stale and old.

Updating needs to be easy
We suggest updating your website at least twice a month, if not more often. You can update your website with simple things like announcements, special offers, news etc.

Updates don’t have to be big news or events, just information that people can use. By devoting at least 30 minutes a week to updating your website you will reap great benefits and once oyu get into the swing, it will become easier andeasier and you will see more and more results.

Let us know if you would like talk about editing and keeping your content fresh or complete our enquiry form.


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