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BizSites Affordable Online Shopping websites offer you a budget way of getting on the internet from only $32 + GST per week without looking like a cheap website.

BizSite websites online shop package


If you want to start selling direct from your website, the BizSite Affordable Websites Online Package will get you exactly what you need!

Your customers will be able to browse your online shop for product, pay online by credit card*, manage orders online as well as creating discount sales and other special offers. And it will get you on the internet fast, help you manage your regular outgoings, will attract clients and business, and be ready to grow with you in the future.

This affordable online shop website package offers:

Content - unlimited pages
Up to 10 pages will be created for you based on the copy (text) and images you provide, as well as the shopping cart and the structure of the catalogue. We will also implement up to 18 products in your catalogue to get you started. The copy and product images need to be in final format and images must be owned by you.

You can add more copy and images, more pages and more products yourself easily, or we can do this for you at a reasonable hourly rate. You can have unlimited pages on your site.

Writing copy
If you do not have any copy for your website, we can write this for you at a reasonable hourly rate.

Online shop
The catalogue and cart will be created for you according to the information you provide. You will then be able to implement product with pricing etc. You will need to provide freight and postage costs for geographic regions within and outside of New Zealand.

Content management system and editing
You will be able to change or edit your own content . This includes images and copy. You will have control over your website - you are able to edit both the text and images very simply.

Up to 2 custom forms
We will instal up to 2 custom forms for you on your website.

We will arrrange hosting on a secrure New Zealand based server for your website. Continued visibility is all important so reliable hosting is critical.

Domain name
Your own domain name will be registered for you and is free for the first year. You can check availability here.

Two email accounts.

Search engine optimisation and submission
Basic search engine optimisation (to help give your site greater visibility) for three pages and one product and submission to the three main search engines/directories - Google, Yahoo and DMOZ - is included. We will show you how to optimise each product.

Google Maps
We will instal Google Maps on your website.

Website Statstics
We recommend setting up Google Analytics so you can track visits to your site.

It's so easy to use and update your site, you almost won't need a manual but we do provide you with one!

Five hours consultation is included in this package. If additional time is required we can do so at a reasonable hourly rate.

Add Ons
We've got lots of options you can add to any package at a very reasonable cost - logo design, email newsletters, link building, marketing your website, updating your website, advertising to let people know you are online, brochure design, arranging photography, among others.

These are not included in cost of the Shopping Package but you can ask us about them when you order your site.

Start time to launch time for your website

The time starts once we receive all necessary information and finalised content from you, including the images and text.

Once you have signed up to proceed, we will provide a content worksheet form. The worksheet outlines the date we need the information and, once we've received it, we will have our main consultation.

We will implement the initial text and images you provide and once the website is built you will be able to make changes and upload new information before the website is launched and live.

If you want us to make alterations, these changes will be considered updates and charged accordingly.

It is therefore important you provide information in its final form.

The Online Store Package will be ready in 5 - 6 weeks for you to input additional content and products. Once you've completed that, the bank and payment side will be instigated. Depending on your payment system this can take another 3-4 weeks.


A 20% deposit is reuired once the agreement is signed, before we start work. Another payment will be invoiced half way through the build and the last is due before the site goes live.

You can choose to pay the hosting fee monthly in advance by autmatic payment or quarterly by internet banking or automatic payment. Please note that if the hosting fee is not received by the due date shown on the invoice, there is no guarantee the website will continue to be visible online.

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