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BizSites Affordable Websites offer search engine optimisation and submission as part of all BizSite Packages.  It works but it won't break your budget!

search engine optimisation

Just having an affordable website isn't enough. Over 80% of people use search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, to find information, products and services on the web.

So, if you raise the profile of your website (that is your ranking or listing) on search engines and directories, you'll get more visitors and that should gain you new customers. This is one of the most important things you do to assist people to reach your site. It is called search engine optimisation.

Many people or companies offering cheap websites simply submit a website to the search engines - or they do nothing at all! This is not of much benefit unless your site is  optimised for the keyword phrases  you want to achieve top rankings on.

These might include the title, the meta tags, the URL, the text, the number of headings in the text, the text behind the pictures, external links into the site, etc.

BizSites do far more than just register or submit your site to the search engines. BizSites makes sure your site is optimised.


help you ensure your website is focused on your target audience
identify your  most relevant keyword phrases
ensure your copy contains keywords and key phrases
ensure your design is search engine "friendly"
manually submit your site to the key search engines - mainly Google

The BizSite packages include basic search engine optimisation and submission which is outlined in each package. Talk to us to find out more as we offer a range of search engine packages from which you can choose to upgrade your BizSite package.

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Learn why search engine optimisation for your website is important

Let us know if you would like talk about this further.

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