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BizSite terms of service and privacy


We love web work and work hard to make our clients happy and ensure they are getting what they want. We do offer a service which is intended to be a lot cheaper than many other providers as we work with budget conscious businesses and organisations, so we ask clients to please bear this in mind.

Discussion about your website will be mainly conducted by email which means both parties have a record of what is happening. You are also able to telephone us but email is the best method of communication as we may not be able to answer the phone when you call. Two hours consultation is included in this package. If additional time is required we can do so at a reasonable hourly rate.

Generally, we do not visit your business within our pricing packages but we can arrange this for a fee and travel costs.

Hours of Operation
Our hours of operation are normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. We reserve the right to change them as required.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements and we will endeavour to assist. Urgent work or any required out of normal working hours, may incur additional charges.

Projects are divided into amounts as described in each package. In  each case a deposit of 20% is required before the website is built and the last instalment is due within one week of completion.

Payments are made by internet banking. The set up fee is required before we start work and the final payment before the website goes live

Non-payment of an invoice in full will result in forfeiting the website and related services.

All payments are non-refundable. In exceptional cases we may waive this.

Changes and Revisions
We are happy to make changes or revisions while the site is being built based on the following conditions:

  • Small changes: these include changing font, a heading, copy or colour. You are welcome to make up to 4 minor revisions, thereafter they will be charged at an hourly rate.
  • Large changes: some changes require a significant amount of work and time to complete. This could include changing the layout and structure. These will be charged at an hourly rate.

Once the site is completed, any changes are charged.

Project Ownership
After the final payment, ownership of the website will be transferred to the client, unless otherwise specified by us. Copyright on all software and code remains the property of BizSite Affordable Websites or its otherwise respective owner.

Any images, graphics, illustrations, and layouts provided by the client must have a licence to use them. We are in no way liable for those images or graphics. This means you must obtain royalty-free stock images or custom designed artwork where the artist or photographer has given you permission to use their work on your site. BizSites retain rights to display your website in portfolios and advertising materials and all BizSite websites will include a text link back to the owner of the BizSite brand, Oryx Technologies unless otherwise arranged.

Both parties will receive oral and written information in the strictest confidence and be responsible for maintaining its confidentiality and will not disclose or disseminate information about either party without prior written authorisation.

Both parties agree to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 in respect of all information obtained by them from the other party. No such information shall be used, held or disclosed without prior written consent. BizSites do not sell, rent or otherwise make available any personal information to third parties except if required to undertake services (such as domain name registration).

While every effort is made to keep client information secure and deny unauthorised access, BizSites/Oryx Tecnologies cannot be held liable for events beyond its control.

Domain Name Renewals
Your domain name for the first year is included in the cost of your website package. We are happy to manage the renewal for you on an annual basis or transfer it to your management after the first year. In either case we will invoice you for the second year and require payment at least 10 working days before we renew the domain and/or transfer it to your name. We are not responsible for domain names being lost due to non-payment. This would mean your website would go down.

Browser Compatibility
Any website we develop will be viewable in current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome. We cannot guarantee error-free viewing in any browser that includes third-party plug-ins or which is an older version.

Our pricing does not enable us to offer personal technical support for third-party software or issues with your internet browser settings, email settings etc. If you require assistance we recommend contacting your local technical support provider. If you require additional support for the content management system we will provide that on an hourly rate.

Project Delay
If your situation changes and you need to put your project on hold, we will keep your project locked in at the current rate for osix months. If you decide not to proceed, all deposits are forfeited and any layouts or mock-ups will remain the property of BizSites/Oryx Tecnologies and may be resold as necessary.

Each party will indemnify and will keep indemnified the other party against all claims, costs, liabilities and losses suffered or incurred by that other party as a result of omission or alleged breach of law by the first party to the extent that the same arises as a result of any act or omission of the other party. The liability of each party under this clause in respect of all claims made under this clause shall be limited to the amount of the fees payable for the first 6 months of this project.

We are not liable to you or any third party, on any legal theory for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages arising out of the use of any service, graphic or code, or the use of any hosting service, service provider, telecommunications carrier, internet servers, third party e-commerce programs, or your site visitor’s computer or internet software, including, without limitation, service interruptions caused by Acts of God and/or Nature, or any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control, any lost profits, business interruption, loss of data or otherwise, even if expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.

Any service purchased from BizSites/Oryx Tecnologies Web Services is provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind that the web design project will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Please note that by paying for our services you agree to all of our terms of service above. We reserve the right to change or update these terms at any time without prior notice.

Terms are subject to change.


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